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Providing Commercial Glass in Belleville, Kingston, Trenton and Areas

Our commercial division is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of commercial sales, installation and service. From the planning stage to the end result, Moira Glass & Mirror is there for you. Whether you are a multi-million dollar corporation or an entrepreneur in a local business, we go that extra mile to make your project stand out.

Moira Glass can handle any damage to your commercial storefront. Whether the damage occurred from vandalism, a vehicle drive-through or just an accident, Moira Glass can have a professional glazier at your location to make the needed repairs quickly, thereby ensuring that your place of business is secure.


We also specialize in installing Sneeze Guards, temporary or permanent shields to protect commercial workplaces.

Storefront Repairs

Our Commercial Services Include:

Complete door service

Glass replacement and board up

Thermal unit replacement

Glass railing and partitions

Security bars and film

Sneeze guards

Get A Consultation

Visit our showroom and see what everyone’s talking about, or give us a call at our Belleville location to ask us a question.

That’s not all. We have a wide variety of glass products for a variety of uses. Come to us for commercial glass in Belleville.

Aluminum storefronts and entrance ways

Hollow metal frames and doors

Curtain walls

Mall storefronts

Replacement thermo panes

Replacement plate glass

Sliding grill doors

Drive thru windows

Skylights and sloped glazing

Interior glazing


Brake metal

Security bars

Surveillance and safety mirrors

Weather seal and door sweeps

Door replacements and repairs (including all hardware)

Custom railing systems with glass or pickets (engineer stamp)

Sneeze guards


Commdoor Aluminum

Float Glass – How It Benefits You

Here at Moira Glass-Mirror, we offer float glass, named for its chemical process of floating the molten glass atop a sheet of hot metal, making for a more uniform thickness. Float glass can be produced in a more varied rate of shades and colours and tends to be clearer than more traditionally produced glass. Because float glass tints easily, it is valued for its energy efficiency.


We pride ourselves on stocking the best quality materials to ensure the superior craftsmanship that you deserve. By using float glass, not only are our staff producing top-of-the-line repairs and installation, we are also working with high-quality products to guarantee you are receiving the best service and products available.



With the current COVID-19 pandemic, workplace environments have faced numerous challenges in the struggle to reopen under new safety guidelines. That is why we at Moira Glass-Mirror have been working hard to help businesses alter their workplaces to maintain an aesthetically pleasing space, while also keeping employees and customers feeling safe. In addition to our COVID protocols keeping our own customers protected, we want to ensure that all businesses are able to share a safe and welcoming atmosphere as well.


Our Plexi/Lexan and glass shields are custom-made to suit your needs and environment. Whether looking for a temporary sneeze guard or a permanent addition, contact us today to speak to our commercial department about what is best for you and your workplace.


Plexi and Lexan have become popular materials as more sneeze guards are needed in stores. These plastics are perfect for lightweight but sturdy shields that can make for easy removal and installation. If this is the best option for you, we can create any size of free-standing or hanging shield to protect your workspace.


While plastic is a perfect material for temporary shields, many businesses are opting for more permanent changes in their office environments. Pharmacies, libraries, and other buildings are choosing to use glass partitions with minimal hardware or fully enclosed office spaces. Whatever you decide, we are here to help you find the safest and most affordable option.


If you need a sneeze guard for your business, call us or visit our gallery for more ideas.

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